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Join us on the hottest new tutorial platform!

More than just a selection of tricks and combos, we have created a truly progressive training experience. PoleSphere tutorials are linked to create logical learning pathways that build your repertoire safely and holistically.

 Tricks! Combos! Drills and Conditioning! Stretch! Choreography!

 Tutorials for all polers from total beginners to advanced performers and competitors!

 Fun, detailed and thorough videos full of excellent tips to help you nail every move!

 Discover the foundations you'll need for each trick we teach AND how to progress from it!

 Earn points as you test your knowledge with our quizzes and activities!

 Engage with fellow polers, students and instructors in our exclusive community!

...and more!

The world's best pole dancers at your fingertips

Are you an existing pole student or a home poler looking for more training, expert advice, strength, conditioning, dance, and banging tricks to add to your arsenal? Or perhaps you’re a very beginner who is after guidance to help you progress safely, gain strength and master the building blocks you need to learn new moves with confidence.

Learn from our team of world-renowned instructors - Carlie Hunter, Miss Filly, Lisa D, Chilli Rox, Megan B and Andrea James Lui - artists and pole professionals with thousands of hours teaching time between them and a dedicated focus on helping you learn pole!

PoleSphere is a new kind of tutorial platform, geared towards safe and progressive learning. 

We've also believe learning should be FUN so we've designed our videos and website platform with that in mind. Practice makes progress, so be sure to
 test your knowledge with our quizzes too! We track your results and engagement, with a rewards system to be revealed in more detail over the coming weeks...

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