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Our mission at PoleSphere is to help pole dancers achieve their goals, enjoy their pole journey and discover a truly progressive online learning experience! Beyond our tutorial library and members lounge, we love to offer workshops and events to the pole public, as well! Be sure to save yourself a spot if you like what you see...

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Cute AF Combos with Tammy

Join Tammy for an hour devoted to learning cute, fun and interesting combos! This workshop will require access to a pole, and the prerequisites are a strong Straddle Invert, Inside & Outside Leg Hangs, and a strong Butterfly.

Workshop runs at 5pm AEST (Brisbane, Australia)/6pm AEDT (Sydney, Australia) on December 9th. Everyone booked into this workshop will be sent the recording to download and keep on Monday, December 11th.

Book A Spot $19.95 (AUD)

Pilates for Polers with Joanna

Joanna has been teaching Pilates since 2003, and is truly the Pilates Queen! Pilates is an incredible system of exercises that, when done well can truly be life-changing – and is an excellent cross-training complement to pole. Joanna will use a loop band/booty band in this class – if you don’t have one, a theraband or even a belt will suffice.

The workshop runs at 4.30pm AEST (Brisbane, Australia)/5.30pm AEDT (Sydney, Australia)/2.30pm WAST (Perth, Australia) on Saturday December 16th. Everyone booked into the workshop will be sent the recording on Monday, December 18th.

Book A Spot $19.95 (AUD)

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