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Our tutorials follow logical learning pathways that build your skills safely and holistically. It's a truly progressive online learning experience unlike any other. PoleSphere focuses on the foundations you'll need for every trick AND how to progress safely so you can learn with confidence!

✓ Fun, thorough tutorials full of expert tips and advice to help you nail every move!

✓ Tutorials for all levels! Tricks, Combos, Stretch, Choreography, Drills and Conditioning.

✓ Test your knowledge with our exclusive quizzes! Consolidate your learning AND earn Diamantes (reward points) when you get it right! Ka-ching!

✓ Engage with fellow polers, students and instructors in a thriving online community!

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Learn from our world-renowned instructors - Miss Filly, Joanna Littlewood-Johnson, Carlie Hunter, Tammy BamBam, Adam Lin, Andrea James Lui, Lisa D, Megan B and Chilli Rox. Experts with thousands of hours of teaching experience and a dedicated focus on helping you learn!

Check out instructor Miss Filly in action!

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