Pole Mamas Postpartum

The Ultimate Course For Postpartum Pole Dancers


Welcome to Pole Mamas – The Ultimate Course for Postpartum Pole Dancers.

Pole Mamas Postpartum is the world’s first course for postnatal pole dancers, and is designed to help safely and comprehensively guide, inform and empower you through your return to pole after giving birth.

For pole instructors who would love a better understanding of how to work with their pregnant and postpartum pole students we highly recommend Pole Mamas Complete.

To walk through a complete overview of the course, simply expand the modules below to view all of the incredible lessons you’ll find within!

Course Content

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Women’s health physiotherapists (and pole instructors) - Phoebe Armfield from Bump Fitness and Rokh Fit Pole Studio, Julia Vo from The Pole Physio

Superstar physiotherapist Simone Muscat (and pole dancer) from The Pole Physio

Mobility expert Eley May from Flexersize

Sports psychologist (and pole dancer) Emma Hall

Clinical nutritionist Tris Alexandra


For most of the course, all you need is you! (though a yoga mat and theraband will help)

The return to pole program will have you spinning, climbing, dancing, and reconditioning. This section of the course will require access to a pole.