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So, what is the Smash The Decade Challenge?

Smash The Decade is a challenge hosted by PoleSphere, focused on helping polers to create sustainable habits and set some useful goals around health, fitness, motivation, and more!

What is this “pop-up group” you keep mentioning?

A pop-up group is a Facebook group that is only around for a short time. The Smash The Decade Challenge will run for 14 days inside a Facebook group that will be operational from Feb 9 to Feb 23. We will then shut the group down once the Challenge is done!

What happens in the group?

When the challenge officially begins (Feb 9), you’ll get daily videos with PoleSphere instructors on a variety of topics, all with mini tasks attached for you and the other participants to do. Watch the vids, do the tasks, post your results and discuss your progress with other group members and instructors!

Are the challenges good for all levels?

Absolutely! The challenges are not pole tricks - this group is much more about goal setting, health and motivation for polers rather than individual tricks, and polers of all levels can participate!

Will I have access to instructors for Q&A?

Yep! The PoleSphere instructors will be taking turns presenting daily vids, and they will be on hand in the group to chat with you and guide you.

Polesphere Instructors Gallery Headshots
Mockup Polesphere Web App
Polesphere Instructors Gallery Headshots
Mockup Polesphere Web App

What does this have to do with PoleSphere Annual Membership?

PoleSphere is launching our Annual Membership program in February, and we wanted to celebrate by offering polers a fun, free way to connect with our instructors and to feel excited about setting and smashing goals.

The Smash The Decade Challenge is a taste of what the PoleSphere community is all about.

What if I can't participate in the Challenge every day? Will I fall behind?

You don’t need to worry about falling behind - the daily vids and tasks will be waiting for you when you log in, as long as you are all caught up by the 23rd, when we will be shutting the group down!