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Transitioning from Pole Dancer to Parent

By Jane Blair

For a lot of polers, pole dancing is more than just a hobby – it’s an identity. It can be tricky transitioning from a pole dancer who’s in the studio multiple times per week, working hard, feeling creative and engaged, socialising, maybe wearing flashy costumes and heels, to becoming a parent where the majority of […]

Flexibility Training for Pregnant Pole Dancers

By Jane Blair

You’ve probably heard that you might become more flexible while pregnant, however this is only partially true, and can be a deceptive concept. Sure, you may suddenly be able to get into the splits easier than pre-pregnancy, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing if you don’t understand the underlying mechanism of your newfound flexibility […]

Is Pole Dancing Safe in Pregnancy?

By Jane Blair

If you have recently found out you’re pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant, you may be asking yourself or your healthcare provider if it is safe to pole while pregnant, and the answer is YES, it generally is!  There are loads of studies that highlight the benefits of staying active during pregnancy and most […]