5 Tips to Conquer Your Nemesis Move

By Jane Blair

Posted: Wed 12 Aug, 2020

5 Tips to Conquer Your Nemesis Move

We all have that move (or multiple) that we just can’t seem to get even though it is well within your body’s capabilities. It may be because it hurts like a bitch whenever you attempt it, your body just doesn’t seem to go that way or maybe it’s just fucking terrifying. Whatever the reason, you just can’t seem to nail it and so now you hate it and you avoid it. It is your absolute nemesis. 

The good news is that there are things you can do to help you nail your nemesis move. Here are 5 tips to help you conquer your nemesis move. 

  • Try a Different Entry 

Most pole moves have multiple ways to get into them and some may be easier than others or one may suit your body better than another. For example, the most commonly taught entry to a Superman is from an outside leg hook but you can also enter from a Jamilla thread though which might be less scary for some people. Another example is for people who might find inverting into Outside Leg Hook tricky could try entering via a lower down where they hook the leg in an upright position and then lower into the hang. 

  • Eliminate Negative Self Talk 

It’s easy to get into a negative thinking pattern when you are focusing too much on what you CAN’T do. Negative self talk can create a huge barrier when we are trying to achieve a new move or a nemesis move! Luckily there are ways we can train our brain out of thinking this way. Try this: Instead of “I’ll never get my Superman” say “I’m still working towards getting my Superman” and instead of “I’m not flexible enough to do a Jade Split” say “I’m working on my flexibility so that I can get a flat Jade Split”. Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others! Recognise that everyone has their own journeys, strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Enlist Extra Help

Sometimes all you need is a bit of extra help! There are a couple of ways to do this. Having an accountability buddy can play a huge part in helping you nail a nemesis move. Not only will they prevent you from procrastinating and avoiding said move, but they can also be a great cheerleader who celebrates your little wins with you or assists in spotting to help boost your confidence. Another option is to book a private lesson with your usual instructor so that they can spend a bit more time breaking down the move and working through any challenges you may be facing. 

  • Get a Second Pair of Eyes 

If you are only learning from one teacher, it could be a good idea to book a class or a private lesson with a different instructor. Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes looking at what you are doing can pick up different things and they also might explain things in a different way that makes something click in your brain! Alternatively you could ask for extra tips from our PoleSphere instructors in the PoleSphere Members Lounge. 

  • Visualisation 

Did you know that there is substantial scientific evidence that visualisation can be an effective tool for athletes? There’s been numerous studies including one by Australian Psychologist Alan Richardson that he did on basketball players. If it works for Basketball Players, it can work for Pole Dancers! If you are into meditation, you can add in 5 minutes of visualisation where you imagine yourself doing your nemesis move. If that’s not your jam, you could make a vision board for your pole goal and put it somewhere you will look at it often. Both these methods will make sure you always have your goal at the front of your mind! 

Now it’s time to put these tips into action! Which pointer are you going to try first?


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By Jane Blair

Jane is a PoleSphere co-director and the founder of APDM, Australian Pole Dancers Magazine, which she first published in summer 2013. Jane represents Bottoms Up Burlesque in Melbourne and had her bright and beautiful light officially recognised when was crowned the "Sparkliest Dancer" in 2017, winning the Sponsors Choice award from Shimmy and Sparkle at Dance Filthy.