7 Ways To Unlock The Power Of Polesphere

By Jane Blair

Posted: Wed 8 Apr, 2020

7 Ways To Unlock The Power Of Polesphere


Welcome to the beginning of your PoleSphere adventure! Yay!

Now that you have access to the site, here are 7 awesome ways to make the most out of your membership. 


  1. Check out our unique progressive learning features

PoleSphere’s biggest focus is progressive learning, so you’ll notice every PoleSphere tutorial has links to prerequisites, progressions and regressions listed underneath. This is not only to ensure you’re not trying moves you aren’t ready for – it’s also a super useful guide for your training, as you’ll always be able to easily identify every element you need to achieve your pole goals safely and effectively!


  1. Check in with your instructors and fellow PS members in the PoleSphere Members’ Lounge on Facebook

This is a great way to stay motivated, connect with like-minded pole dancers, and ask questions about anything you’re struggling with. Jump in and post videos of your training, and we love seeing progress pics too! Tag the instructor you most want help from to get their attention – they’re all in the group to give you advice and cheer you on.


  1. Do the quizzes and earn Diamante rewards

Did you know every PoleSphere trick tutorial has a quiz attached to help boost your learning? And not only will watching the tutorials and doing the quizzes help you learn, they will also earn you Diamantes, which are PoleSphere’s awesome rewards points! Diamantes can be redeemed for real prizes, such as merch, pole magazines, and more! You will find the list of rewards you can redeem, along with your Diamante count, inside the Diamante Emporium on the site. So watch the tutes, do the quizzes, collect your Diamantes, and redeem some fun prizes!



  1. Plan your sessions, or let us plan them for you!

    One of the newest features of the site is PLAYLISTS. This is where you can create your own training session or build a list of tricks you are working on. These are your own custom-created lists, so you choose how you would like to use them!

    If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at the Playlists on your Home page that we’ve created for you. Here you’ll find weekly workout and stretch sessions that you can set and forget, just watch and follow along. You’ll also find a lesson for your level and choreography that changes each month, so no matter what your level, we’ve got you covered!

    On your Home page you will also find your Favourites list, and the Recommended For You list. These are every PoleSpherian’s best friend! Your ‘Recommended For You’ list consists of tutorials that are linked to what you’ve been working on. This section becomes increasingly more tailored to you the more you use PoleSphere (we are a smart site!), and it is a great way to find moves to work on next. You can also use your Favourites list to bookmark something that looks very enticing that you would like to come back to another time – just click the love heart on any tutorial to automatically build this list.




  1. Make sure you start each session with a warm up, and end with a cool down 

It’s vital to the PoleSphere philosophy to provide an avenue of training that is safe and effective. For this reason, it’s super important to begin every training session with a warm up, and end with a cool down. This will minimise your risk of injury, and maximise the benefits of your training. And don’t forget all the amazing conditioning tutorials we have to help keep your foundations strong! #trainsafe 


  1. Use our awesome filter and search functions

Looking for something specific? Or perhaps you’re keen to explore everything at a certain level or from a certain instructor? PoleSphere has great search and filter functions that allow you to filter by level, by instructor, by Zone (Warmups, Stretch and Condition, Tricks, Combos, Dance), and by alphabetical order and most recently published. Or you could just type whatever you’re looking for into the search bar! We’ve got you covered! Looking for something you can’t find? Shoot us an email or hit us up in the Lounge.


  1. Watch the tutorials away from the pole for extra benefit

And here’s a final hot tip that you may not have considered: It’s so beneficial to watch the tutorials all the way through before you even get near a pole! This will help you take in more information when you’re ready to attempt the move itself. This tactic is especially beneficial for moves that require a spot, as you really need to understand all the requirements of the move *before* you get started. It’s also very useful for those of you who are keen to teach pole (or who are already teachers!), because it helps you to really absorb all the key teaching points within the tutorial. 

Happy poling!


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By Jane Blair

Jane is a PoleSphere co-director and the founder of APDM, Australian Pole Dancers Magazine, which she first published in summer 2013. Jane represents Bottoms Up Burlesque in Melbourne and had her bright and beautiful light officially recognised when was crowned the "Sparkliest Dancer" in 2017, winning the Sponsors Choice award from Shimmy and Sparkle at Dance Filthy.