Lockdown, motivation and staying strong for pole

By Jane Blair

Posted: Wed 25 Aug, 2021

Lockdown, motivation and staying strong for pole

After 18 months of being in and out of lockdowns due to the global pandemic, you would think that we’d have worked out how to motivate ourselves for exercise and to pace ourselves on the 12-pack of doughnuts and all the other goodies that Ubereats delivers to our doors…but NOPE, it turns out that’s not the case for all of us (*ahem* me). So we’ve collaborated with our incredible instructors to bring you some ideas for staying strong and motivated when you can’t access the studio. 

  • Break up workouts into small, achievable chunks 

Sometimes committing to an hour-long zoom class or a long home workout can feel overwhelming. Instead, commit to just doing 10 squats or push-ups or whatever other small exercise you can do easily. For me this looks like a song’s worth of step-ups (thanks Lisa D) in the morning, some hip raises and toe taps on the floor of my son’s room while I’m putting him to sleep, 20-30 squats when I have a break from sitting at my desk and 10 push-ups at any time in the afternoon. Often once I get moving I feel like doing more anyway, and even if I don’t, something is still much better than nothing. 

  • Get off social media

Okay, sounds like it has nothing to do with staying motivated but hear me out. I know I’m not the only one who falls into a deep well of scrolling through the socials with absolutely no purpose. Not only is seeing people’s life highlights all day while you’re stuck at home hugely demoralising, it’s also a massive time waster and that time could have been used doing something more wholesome like a floor freestyle in your kitchen or a pre-recorded Pilates workout. You can get apps that block your problem apps for a chosen amount of time. Use that to cancel out any distractions and get your body moving instead. 

  • Leave the house 

Being confined to your house can be very uninspiring for working out. Not all of us have the space for a beautiful home studio or home gym. If this sounds like you, go for a walk and do a workout in a park—rain or shine! There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.  Getting out in nature can do wonders for your mental and physical health! (Just make sure you’re following the lockdown/restriction laws in your area) 

  • Build a hype crew 

Enlist some friends to motivate each other and set goals together. This can be a great way to be held accountable and work together to reach your individual goals. Start a messenger or whatsapp group so you can share your progress, check in with each other, post links to online workouts or resources and send pics or vids for inspiration. 

Advice from our instructors: 

Miss Filly says :

Get yourself into a routine even if it’s simple! Get up at the same time and try to train at the same time! It gives you something to look forward to as we crave stability in times like this. Jam with a buddy online and make up a dance and challenge your friends to try!

Lisa D says: 

​​Workout with bodyweight and therabands in your garden or park if it’s sunny to get some vitamin D. Don’t stress too much about progress or goals, just move in ways you enjoy. You can also use this time to reconnect with people you may have been neglecting.

Chilli Rox says: 

My advice is to have an endless supply of chocolate and eat it guilt free. Chocolate is a mood enhancer so it’s definitely medicinal in these times. Also, allow yourself to be unmotivated, flat and over it. Remind yourself that when we come out you will get back into it so allow yourself to rest.

Megan B says:

Stick to routine. Whether it’s getting up at a certain time, making the bed, meal prepping or putting on your favourite lippy. Allow yourself to be unmotivated or have an off day here and there to fully recharge.Walking daily has been great for me, either meeting up with someone that lives close by or on my own. Reaching out to lots of friends and family during this time and doing regular check-ins. 

AJL says: 

Keep in touch — whether it’s video chats, virtual pole jams, online classes or even just texting your friends dumb photos and audio messages. I also love a good snail mail package. Something fun and random to look forward to!



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By Jane Blair

Jane is a PoleSphere co-director and the founder of APDM, Australian Pole Dancers Magazine, which she first published in summer 2013. Jane represents Bottoms Up Burlesque in Melbourne and had her bright and beautiful light officially recognised when was crowned the "Sparkliest Dancer" in 2017, winning the Sponsors Choice award from Shimmy and Sparkle at Dance Filthy.