Andrea James Lui

Andrea James Lui is renowned for her engaging stage presence, unique ideas and her beautifully realised character performances. She has over 10 years of performance experience and education, with a degree in theatre production and a diploma in musical theatre.


Andrea has been teaching movement in various forms since 2002, is a qualified bikram yoga teacher and has completed training in contortion, lyra and silks, rock climbing, martial arts and stage combat. She has discovered pole as a way of channelling her creativity because it is such a versatile apparatus. She says of pole: “I truly believe there is no right or wrong way to do it. Of course there are safer ways and prettier ways, but hey – sometimes we want to be dangerous and ugly! And that’s the beauty of the artist’s prerogative.”


About her teaching style, Andrea says: “My greatest strength as a teacher is my attention to technique with an emphasis on safety – always aiming to focus on the transfer of weight from one grip point to another. I’m also super fun! And nerdy. My classes often include dating advice, movie analogies, and physics lessons.”