Carlie Hunter

Carlie Hunter is owner and head instructor at The Pole Boutique in Adelaide, Australia. With a list of accolades longer than your arm (from both national and international pole competitions and awards), she is two times Australian Pole Champion, and has won the Miss Pole Dance Australia competition in both solo and doubles divisions.


She holds certificates in Pilates and Group Fitness, which has given her a sound understanding of body mechanics and how to apply that to pole. She has taught both dance and fitness classes since 2002, and pole since 2005. As a teacher, she is a problem solver with a strong ability to work around an individuals needs as a student and adjust to suit.


Carlie says: “I am a teacher at heart, I don’t just do it because I want to but because I’m driven to. I believe that pole provides people with a platform to test their own capabilities, it allows people to grow into better versions of themselves and to test boundaries they had previously placed on themselves. Being a teacher allows me to be a facilitator in the process of that growth. I get to encourage and guide others into becoming fiercer, stronger and more confident, and that to me is priceless.