Lisa D

Lisa D has been poling since around 2001, and is an Australian Pole Champion, Victorian State Champion, Pole Art Champion and Pole Comedy Champion with a host of titles and awards under her belt. She is known as a mesmerising performer with a unique style of movement and a love of unusual tricks and transitions. She is also a prominent industry voice (she never shuts up!) and a highly experienced and respected judge at all levels of the pole industry. 


Lisa has been instructing pole for 12 years and holds a Cert IV in Fitness and a Pilates qualification. She has an exemplary understanding of biomechanics and movement progressions, and one of her strengths as a teacher is her ability to cue movement in a way that is clear and easy to follow. She loves talking about grip points, push and pull, body positioning and weight transfer so students understand exactly what they need to be doing to nail those dream tricks as safely as possible.


Lisa says: “I love helping my students understand not only how to do a move safely, but also educating them as to WHY we do what we do. This way, they can develop an understanding of safe training, push and pull, balance, grip and levers and apply it to their future learning, regardless of whether I’m there or not! I want my students to grow into the best, most creative, most joyful polers they can be.”