Megan B

Megan fell in love with Pole Dancing immediately after attending her first class! Thanks to her background in hip hop and gymnastics, she quickly progressed and found herself in the competition circuit. She is well known for her hip hop style routines that are usually jam packed with dynamic tricks and flips. She has placed in numerous competitions including Rising Stars 2015, Pole Candy 2015, Victorian Pole Championships Professional Division 2016 and Asia Pacific Championships 2017.  When Megan is not flipping on the pole, she can be found nursing at Geelong hospital or teaching at her own dance school BC Beatz.

Megan says: “Having a strong background in gymnastics has definitely set me up with great body awareness, coordination, skills and an awareness of safe progressions, which are very transferable to pole. I use a lot of gymnastics drills when teaching and learning and they really help with either understanding the trick, developing strength or spatial awareness to do the trick or simply as a progression towards achieving the trick. As dancers we love to perform, tell a story, engage with the audience and create. There’s so many styles out there but the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and your unique style.”