Joanna Littlewood-Johnson

Three time IPC Masters champion, Australian Pole Champion and Pole Theatre Drama Champion, Joanna Littlewood Johnson is the owner and head instructor of Core Fusion Studios in Perth. She studied a multitude of dance styles such as classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, afro-cuban and Spanish dancing, before discovering the pole world where she has made a name for herself as a versatile performer and a flawless technician.


Aside from her Diploma in Performing Arts and certification in both aerobics and pole instruction, Joanna is also a Professional Pilates Practitioner and has been teaching for the last 15 years. She is constantly striving to learn more, saying: “I enjoy staying up to date with current and new developments in Pilates and  Pole, and the way the body works and moves. I am forever doing workshops, online training, reading and research.”


Joanna adores sharing her love of pole with her students, and is a fountain of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm. Passionate about safety, she structures her teaching to suit the unique needs of the individual. She says: “I’m not a one size fits all kind of teacher and love to find ways to make something work on different bodies, to work around injuries, flexibility issues and learning styles. I’m also a good problem solver – picking up on why someone can’t get a move or why it might be making them prone to injury. I use lots of visualisations and explanations as well as modifications, variations, demonstrations and spotting.”