Tammy ‘BamBam’ Robertson has been pole dancing since 2010 and teaching since 2012. Former Queensland Pole Champion and Miss Pole Dance Queensland, she has a background in jazz and contemporary dance. While she loves performing, her true passion is instructing. She says: ‘It is common to find me squealing with delight when a student achieves their goals, or sharing a tear or two with them. I feel their accomplishments (more than my own) and it makes me so happy to help my fellow polers on their pole journey’.


With a Cert IV in Fitness (Personal Training) Tammy is passionate about improving technique and reducing injury risk in the pole community. She uses conditioning and engagement exercises to help her students build functional strength that will directly apply  to their pole journey.


Tammy says: ‘When I first started pole there was not a lot of knowledge on correct technique and engagement. This meant that I had ALL the standard and common pole injuries! When I started instructing I decided I didn’t want any of my students going through the same pain and injury – so I set about educating myself on human anatomy. I don’t believe in teaching moves to students before their bodies are ready to handle them, however I will always give stepping stones and tools to help them achieve their goals.