Miss Filly

Miss Filly has been teaching pole and competing professionally since 2010. Renowned worldwide for her unique style of movement, her powerhouse strength and fearlessness, she is equally as passionate about the pole industry itself as she is about winning titles! Aside from being crowned Miss Pole Dance Australia twice, she is also an Australian Pole Champion, has been voted Australia’s Most Influential in the pole community and holds more accolades in the pole world than should be physically possible.


Filly has a certificate in fitness and works as Director of Training at Pole Divas in Melbourne where she teaches full time. She is driven to elevate the quality of teaching among her team of instructors, and loves making a difference to the health and fitness of the minds and bodies of the people she teaches. Filly is very entertaining and full of energy, but while she enjoys captivating her audience (or classroom) she is equally concerned with the safety and technique of the students who are learning from her.


She believes that her job as an instructor is to ensure students are educated in how moves work, to keep them safe when practicing or training unsupervised. She says: “teaching is more than simply, ‘you put this here then this there’, it’s important that students know why it goes there and how it helps in the sequence to get you from A to B. Everyone learns differently and I love finding the right way to communicate to make that penny drop. It’s always a great moment.”